Customized Boat with No Team Name



  • Fully assembled and painted to your color of choice, with dragon scale decals on both sides.
  • Decals are very similar to the dragon scales seen on most dragon boats. Goes the full length of each side of the boat.
  • This boat does not have your team name on it.
  • Boats are 20 inches in length from head to tail and about 1.5 inches in width.


For the base color of the boat we are currently offering 5 different colors, blue, yellow, white, black and pink. The interior of the boat will be white as is common on most dragon boats.

Short decals – If you plan to order customized decals with your team name then order the short decals, which will allow room for the custom decals in the middle of each side of the boat. You can also order these and just paint your team name or anything else you would like in that open space.

Long decals – The long decals are the traditional design seen on most dragon boats. They go the full length of the boat. A customized decal can still be ordered for these and simply placed over the dragon scales but should be solid lettering so it stands out.

You can select either a dark brown color for these pieces of the boat, which gives more of a contrast to the white interior. Or we offer a more natural wood color closer to the real thing seen on most dragon boats.

To order custom decals you must send me the wording you want via email. It can be no longer than 4 inches using any type of lettering you want with 1 or 2 color choices. Any logo or design can be used as well. It cannot be longer than 4 inches or taller than .57 inches. Email the designs to